10 Truths About Sex You Need To Know (no. 10 Will Suprise You)

21 Nov

1, Sex kills and tears apart two intimate
unmarried loves, but it unites,
beautifies and increases the love of two
legally married couples
2, There is a spiritual force which pulls
you to your sexual partners if you keep
in touch with them after marriage.
3, The memories of all your sexual
escapade has a way of resurfacing when
you are having sex with your spouse
4, You have a 95% tendency of
comparing your spouse’s libido with
your Ex’s
5, the moment you are
ilted,heartbroken, you wish you have
never had sex with the person.
6. If he doesnt love you, sex can never
win his hearth for you, he can always
get sex anywhare.
7, You are in bondage and need
deliverance if he says hes leaving you
and you are using sex to keep him from
8, you become ONE FLESH, ONE SPIRIT
with who you have sex with. sex is a
bond that ties a man and woman for
life. god planned it like that
9, stop sex for a season and see if he
will stay with you and love you MORE
10, to be the hero in the life of your
partner and friends, stop sharing sex
with them and start sharing information
about sex (like this one)
Till you walk down
the aisle and say “I DO”

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