5 Studying Mistakes Students Make And The Remedies

21 Nov

1. Studying with your lover.
Okay, girls are psychologically strong
enough to overcome this sometimes.
But males can’t! Females are known to
be emotional, sensitive, and talk-loving.
They get attracted quickly to any
distraction in the surrounding and they
always like to tell you to “see what is
Studying with a female, especially
beautiful ones, will only keep your
attention with them. You tend to look
at them if they make a single sound. If
they ask you a question, you do have to
answer. Infact, something keeps telling
you to stop being boring when you start
So, you end up using most of the
reading hours on your girl than on your
You sure do know what the remedy to
this is.
2. Listening to music while you study.
According to research, listening to music
is interesting, so it occupies the long-
term part of the brain! Can you sing
Gongo-Aso by 9ice? Yes! Do you know
the year it was produced? Very long
ago. But you can still sing a good
percentage of the song.
You would tentatively stammer and
stutter if I asked you to recite the
States and Capitals in Nigeria. The
addicts won’t like this. Some serious
students know this is dangerous.
The effect of this is in two ways; it
slackens your reading. You get slow
when reading and listening to music,
and you even make pauses
unconsciously – this happens mostly
when you want that music to
synchronise with your reading pattern.
You can experiment this. I mean watch
people who do it. You shouldn’t be
doing that again afterall.
The second way is that you only know
what you’re reading at just that time
that you study it. Once you’re finished
studying, your gained knowledge
gradually goes off! So, you read and
read but you forget easily.
The remedy is to stop the practice of
listening to music.
3. Studying for long hours without
So, you want to cover a very large
percentage of your lecture notes
because there’s not much time. The
best thing to do instead is group your
If you have a 30-leaf note to read, read
6 leaves five times. Did you get that?
Read 6 leaves, have a short break; you
can take a short walk around or go
check some beautiful images of babies
and mothers on google, then go back to
your book after being relieved. This will
make your study look light and not
cumbersome, and your brain will be
ready to assimilate more.
4. You don’t test yourself.
Believe this. Pre-exam tests really help.
Set questions from what you’ve read
and practice them often. You’ll be very
amazed to see yourself answering the
exam questions before even finishing to
read them in the examination hall. Try
this, it works.
Never don’t study past questions too. I
mean, study past questions too, they
help so much.
5. Mobo-multitasking.
Please, don’t do it!
Reading on your phone while chatting or
using the media. That won’t just work
fine for you, student. It won’t.
It’s good to read a hard copy and switch
your of your phone.

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