Here Are 6 Powerful Ways To Stop Being Hot And Break The Habit Of Masturbation

21 Nov

Here are six easy and outstanding points
you must follow holistically if you want
Stop thinking about
Here’s six quick H@cks to stop being
Hot when these
aren’t an option in the moment.
Feeling Hot is a natural body response
we all know so
well. All people experience it—even
those people who
claim they are a$exual like Sheldon
Cooper. We feel these
s*xual urges because of our biological
impulse to
proliferate our species. However, s*x and
masturbation are not
always a viable or appropriate solution
whenever your
s*xual urges catch you off guard. So
what can you do to
stop being Hot?
The downside of being Hot all the time
Being Hot and turned on is good if
you’re about to get
laid.(When by your spouce) Other than that it merely serves as
a distraction and
forces you to become $exually
frustrated. People need to
fight off s*xual urges at times when it
starts intruding in
your life by:
*Putting you off your concentration at
work or school.
*Stress – you can’t feel relaxed when
you don’t have s*x
or masturbate.
*Relationship problems – constantly
demanding s*x
from your partner puts a strain on your
*Being preoccupied with releasing your
$exual tension.
*Becoming addicted to P0rn or
Quick H@cks to calm your urges
There are things we can do when we
need to stop being
Hot and can’t use s*x or masturbation.
These six quick H@cks help calm it all
1. Take a shower. The old wives’ tale
goes: when in heat,
take a dip. However, the effect of a cold
shower against
horniness varies for each individual.
Some say it helps
calm them down. Some say it’s “meh,”
and a few believe
that it’s actually counter-productive as
standing wet,
n*ked, and caressing yourself all over
invites more of
those urges in. Still, it’s worth a try.
Efficacy rating: 50%
2.Exercise. Someone leaning towards
psychology or even New Age philosophy
would tell you
that getting strong $exual urges is the
effect of pent up
s*xual energy that needs release. And
of course, the
perfect way to release it is by way of a
strenuous physical
activity none other than $exual
But instead of intercourse, divert that
energy by doing
other forms of exercise. So the next
time you feel Hot,
jump into your tracksuit and do twenty
laps, hit the gym,
or pour it all out on the punching bag.
This helps you
release that tension and distract your
brain from your
other urges. And you’ll be too tired
after anyway.
Efficacy rating: 80%
3. Change your diet. Just how
aphrodisiacs supposedly
increase your libido, certain foodstuffs
do the opposite
when you consume them. However,
take note that these
don’t work like medication that takes
effect an hour later.
You might need to gradually incorporate
these into your
diet if you feel you’re over$exed.
*Carbonated drinks – drinks with more
sugar than water
in its formula make you dehydrated and
feeling less
pleasant than normal. So if you feel Hot,
chug a little
bit of the drink that Men’s Health keeps
warning you of.
*Canned foods – high levels of sodium
and potassium to
keep these canned foods somewhat
fresh not only
guarantees to make you lose your $ex
drive, it also
makes a man’s Fluid taste horrible.
*Soy and cheese – soybean products
are a major source
of phytoestrogen while cheese gives off
a large amount
of xenoestrogen. What do they do? They
screw up your
hormonal balance which manages your
libido. So if you
want to stop being Hot, become a
*Fats and oils – good old grease may
taste good, but it
also floods the body with a lot of free
radicals screwing
up the body’s hormonal balance. Feeling
Hot? Treat
yourself to a good double bacon
*Alcohol and coffee – combine both in
some sort of a
speedball and you instantly get limp.
Alcohol is often
thought to be a form of aphrodisiac, but
it actually does
otherwise. It screws up your mental
state and s*x drive.
Efficacy rating: 89% but use at your own
4. Kill the mood with anything counter

Intimate. People, sometimes you get
Hot because kinky
thoughts run through your mind. Just
like bad $ex, you
can put your urges at bay by doing stuff
that usually kill
the mood for you when you’re about to
go at it.
*Watch, read, or listen to comedy –
laughter is good
except in the bedroom. Watching your
favorite sitcom
realigns your focus away from $ex.
*Or you can choose something more
depressing – we’ve
been depressed at some point in our
life. And one thing
for sure is s*x is the last thing you’ll be
worried about
when you’re feeling blue. Watch a good
drama or just be
reminded of your bad breakup. The
brain parts that
function when you’re depressed shuts
off the other parts
making you Hot.
*Even scary stuff – a quick jump scare
scene definitely
deflates your Situation. Try it.
Efficacy rating: 70-80%
5. Physical Pain. I’m not saying you
should hurt
yourself, but we’re just letting you know
physical pain would definitely whisk that
horniness away.
Unless you are a masochist, that is. It
may feel silly just
imagining it but if you don’t mind giving
yourself a pinch
or a slap *and if you’re desperate
enough* give it a try.
Efficacy rating: 40%
6. Meditation. Feeling Hot is a state of
mind as much
as it is a bodily function. And as
Buddhism teaches, one
can control desires and urges by
practicing mental
discipline through meditation. You don’t
need to practice
Buddhism altogether. The basic
requirement for
meditation is simply a quiet and
peaceful space where
you empty your mind and let go of your
Efficacy rating: 75%
Being Hot is a good thing, but it should
learn to know
its place. Holding off on s*x or
masturbation may not
always work, so follow these outlets to
turn s*xual
tension into positive energy.

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