25 Random Fun Facts That Sound Too Funny To Be Real

22 Nov

These Random Fun Facts have
exclusively been enlisted to tickle that
funny bone. There are unsolved
mysteries, uniformed sightings and
then, there are some events which
may sound shocking but you cannot
help other than laughing them off.
Although these events sound too
bizarre to be true, when the
authenticity of such events gets
validated, hysteria and disbelief follow.
The following facts explain why our
world is a weird world where anything
and everything is possible.
1. A Sudanese man was caught
having sex with a goat; Ends up
paying a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese
Dinars ($50) to the owner and gets
ordered to marry the goat.
2. Viagra, when dissolved in a vase
of water can make cut-flowers stay
in an upright position up to a week
longer than they usually would.
3. In 2004, Microsoft sued a
student-named Mike Rowe- for
using domain
name“” but later
agreed on amutual deal and gifted
him an Xbox.
4. In 1996, a man in Kentucky sued
himself for US$300,000 after his
Boomerang that he swung hit him
on his own head; He won the case
and his Insurance company paid the
5. There is a German Beer with the
Registered Trademark “F**king
Hell”, where F**king refers to a
village in Austria and Hell refers to
Pale Lager in Austrian and Southern
6. There’s a “DUMB Starbucks” in
California where every product has
the word “dumb” before it.
7. Crows have the ability to
remember and recognize human
faces for their entire lifetime that
appear dangerous to them; This has
been confirmed in a Behavioral
Experiment conducted on crows.

8. An Australian academic has
claimed that the reason for slurry
Australian accent is due to the
forefathers that used to drink a lot
and they spoke to one another in a
slurry alocoholic accent.
9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
started in WWF as “Rocky Maivia”- a
cheesy guy that the audience
greeted with “Die Rocky Die”
slogans; He later re-invented his
persona as “The Rock” in which fans
were cursed inthe third person.

10. When trains were introduced in
the U.S., Americans thought that
women’s bodies would not handle
speeds of 50 miles an hour and their
uteruses will fly out.
11. Two Chicago men once tried to
rob a restaurant with a squirt gun;
Owner told them to return in an
hour since he was busy; They
returned and got arrested by the
12. A Pine tree that was planted in
2004 in memory of former Beatle
George Harrison died after being
infested by beetles.
13. There is a man with the name
“Phuc Dat Bich” who posted an
image of his passport bearing his
name on Facebook to prove that his
name was not made up.
14. A Woman at the age of 90 made
a deal with 47 years old lawyer that
he would pay her 2500 francs per
month until she dies, in return of
her apartment. The man paid more
than double the apartment’s cost
and died two years before her.

15. At a restaurant in China, people
were confused at how a couple
could work their busy restaurant for
21 hours per day. Turns out it was
actually being run by two sets of
identical twins.
16. Global Warming ‘solved’ a land
dispute between India and
Bangladesh: The island in dispute
got submerged in water.
17. Phrases like, “Long time no see,”
and “Chop chop” are grammatically
incorrect; Most say they originated
from Chinese immigrants and were
used by English speakers to mimick
18. Australian Wallabies have been
getting stoned after eating opium
seeds and they keep running in
circular motion creating crop
19. John Dillinger, a famous
American gangster escaped prison
by brandishing a phony gun. The FBI
also spent way more money to
catch him than he ever stole.

20. A book titled “Everything a man
knows about women” has over 100
blank pages and it has sold over a
million copies.
21. Sergeant Major Jiggs was the
first Bulldog to “serve” in the
Marine Corps as the mascot.

22. “Fart Battles” were a popular art
scroll created in Japan during the
Edo period that represented Japan’s
distaste for European influence.

23. In the early 20th century, horses
were causing so much pollution
with their poop that cars were seen
as the “Green” alternative.
24. There’s a lizard known as “Jesus
Christ Lizard” due to its ability to
run on water.

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