Whatever You Do, Do NOT Do This With Your Smartphone In Bed POLICE Warn Against

23 Nov

Smartphone users have been warned
against using certain features whilst in
bed following a number of serious
A number of recent reports from the USA
have found that smartphones have
overheated and caught on fire when left
charging overnight, putting people’s lives
at risk.
Now, police forces are urging mobile users
to exercise caution when charging their
devices in and around the bedroom.The
news comes from New York, where a
senior NYPD figure has issued a warning
to mobile users who charge their phones
whilst they sleep.
The official Twitter account of the NYPD
33rd precinct has shown off several
photos of phones that have overheated
when left charging on users beds
This includes shocking images of burnt
pillows, bedding and phones that appear
to have exploded out of the rear panel.
Deputy Inspector Wilson Aramboles
posted the photos alongside the warning,
“Don’t put your cellphone under a pillow
when sleeping or when charging your
The warning comes as user fears about
overheating smartphones, and particularly
their batteries, have reached an all-time
This follows the fiery end to the Samsung
Galaxy Note 7 device , which was pulled
from sale around the globe following a
number of reports of overheating
products and several damaging fires.
Angry social media users shared
photographs of charred smartphones
online, complaining the devices had burst
into flames while charging.
Among the high-profile incidents were a
Note 7 burning the inside of a hotel room
– causing more than £1,000 worth of
damage, incinerating the inside of a Jeep
and bursting into flames inside one
unlucky man’s pocket.However it seems
that the Note 7 fiasco has not damaged
customer perceptions of Samsung, as
research released earlier this week found
that many would still be happy to shop
with the company.
The premature end to Galaxy Note 7 sales
could cost Samsung up to $17 billion,
analysts have forecasted.
Overall, the company had to recall around
2.5 million affected devices worldwide,
with many customers taking a refund or
switching to another Samsung

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