20 Weird Facts You Did Not Know?

25 Nov

In order not to make this boring, I’ll take it easy and post them timely. I hope we could learn a thing or two from it.

1. The urine of a diabetic contains so much sugar that it can be purified and made into a high-end, single malt whiskey.

2. The longer couples are together, the less likely they are to say ‘I Love You’.

3. Unexpected phone calls and texts tend to be the best and can instantly improve a person’s mood and state of mind.

4. More intelligent people tend to thing faster, and as a result, their handwriting is sloppy and looks bad.

5. People tend to be more emotionally open and confess things during late night conversation especially via chats or text messages.

6. When people in love stare into each other’s eyes, their heart beats synch together.

7. Posting about yourself in social media activates your brain’s reward system in the same way as some drugs of abuse.

8. People who spend prolonged hours working on computers or watching Tv are likely to suffer from TATT (Tired All The Time) syndrome.

9. The love of darkness or night is called ‘NYCTOPHILIA’. A nyctophilic finds relaxation and comfort in the darkness.

10. A psychology study suggests that when you are single, all you see is happy couples. When you are committed, all you see is happy singles.
11. The sudden jerk you sometimes experience when you ‘slip’ while half asleep is called ‘HYPNIC JERK’.

12. When writing, reading or studying, listening to music with no vocals allows you concentrate better.

13. About 159,635 people will die on the same day as you.

14. Your body is the weakest during 3:00 am – 4:00 am. This is the time most people die in their sleep.

15. Hugging for 20 seconds releases Oxytocin (love hormone), which can cause you to trust someone more.

16. Philophobia is a condition in which a person fears the idea of falling in love.

17. The opposite of ‘DEJA VU’ IS ‘JAMAIS VU’. Jamais Vu is not remembering something you always see.

18. A sunburn is the result of your skin cells committing mass suicide to protect you from their damaged DNA, which can cause skin cancer.

19. Albinos in Africa are prolific victims of racism and assault, with at least 75 being killed in Tanzania since 2006, after which their bodies have been used I rituals by witch doctors. Myths say their hair, teeth, skin and genitals bring god health.

20. The international space station (ISS) is the most expensive item ever created; it took 36 shuttle flights to complete this $150 billion station.

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