Solat Subhi And Personal Effectiveness.

25 Nov

In the name of Allah, The Most
Gracious, The Merciful. Allah made the
observation of the five obligatory
prayers compulsory on all Muslims. He
did that not to increase His dominion on
earth nor to increase His power over
the heaven. He did it so that we can
serve Him. He has not created us
except to serve Him.
Of the five obligatory prayers, Solat
Subhi and Ishai seem the hardest to
pray. Understandably one is in the early
morning and the other is in the
evening. No wonder the reward for
these two prayers is most bountiful. The
Prophet (SAW) says, “If you know the
reward for Solat Subhi and Ishai, you
would observe it even if by crawling to
the mosque”. If the reward for Solat
Subhi will not spur you to stand up at
Fajr, maybe its personal development
benefits will. Of course, sincerity of
purpose is and remains the best.
Here are two personal development
lessons that come with regular
observation of Solat Subhi.
1. Cultivation of early waking habit. I
doubt anyone who wants to pray Subhi
in congregation will wake up 6am. The
latest such person will wake is 5:30am,
knowing Subhi is prayed averagely
5:45am. This, if done consistently will
invariably ” reset” one to wake up early
and you know what is said about waking
up early, “Early to rise, early
prosperity”. Allah’s apostle also says,
“Wake up early in seeking provision and
bearing of your responsibilities. Surely
there is blessing and prosperity in
waking up early”. (Though this hadith
has been classified as weak hadith but
we can use it since it does not tamper
with worship).
So the first benefit is the development
of waking up early habit.
2. On the heels of the above benefit is
the second. You will hardly go back to
sleep after Solat Subhi as you will want
to start preparing for the day’s work. A
wife will want to prepare her family
food. A banker, teacher or any other
person will prepare to go work. etc.
Except and I think a reasonable one
would not, if you own your business or
your place of work is a stone throw from
your house. By staying awake after
Subhi, you are better off than tens of
your colleagues who wakes up 30
minutes to office time, rushes to the
bathroom, has a “quikie” bath,
everything done hurriedly and without
mental preparation head straight to
The day you hurry to office is the day
you will know the benefit of staying
behind after Subhi and prepare for the
day’s work.
Wake up early. Perform Subhi. Stay
behind and remain blessed.
Written by KazRem

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