Most Mysterious Things That Can Not Be Explained!

27 Nov

There is nothing like a good mystery in a
movie, television show, or book, to keep
us entertained. But when the mysteries
become a part of real life, then they
aren’t quite so fun anymore. The world
has been subject to thousands of
incidents that have no explanation or
reason for occurring, thus adding them to
the list of countless mysteries that
continue to grow. When science is unable
to solve these mysteries, people come
out of the woodwork with crazy theories
and explanations that you can only find
on an episode of “The X-Files” or
“Supernatural.” Mysterious don’t have to
include aliens or ghosts, but they can be
mysterious caused by Mother Nature
herself, which can be even more
unsettling. What usually happens with
mysteries is that people will try to make
sense of things without the confirmation
of scientific date, which then leads to
explanations of religion and extremists.
When science isn’t able to explain, or if
someone is unwilling to accept a logical
explanation for a mysterious event, more
rumors are started. Soon after, the fiction
begins to overrule the logic.
But the mysterious events on this list are
some of the unsolvable cases that leave
us in fear and wonderment. How is it that
these events can occur? If anything these
events prove that we have yet to learn
everything there is about the world and
the universe around us. Perhaps one day,
these mysterious events will be solved.
But today, we are left to wonder and be
our own detectives.
For example, the mystery of the Ourang
Medan is chilling and disturbing. A series
of ships off the strait of Malacca received
an S.O.S. stating that the entire crew,
except for the message sender, was
dead. However, a few minutes later, a
second S.O.S. came in only saying, “I
die.” When the ships arrived, the entire
crew was found dead in the bridge and
chart room, with their mouths and eyes
wide open, like they were scared to
death. When the ship was being pulled
back to shore, it mysteriously exploded
and the ship sank.
Then we have the mysterious event that
involved the death of nine hikers off the
Ural Mountains in 1959. The group
consisted of people who were well versed
in the outdoors, but when they went
missing for a month, people worried.
Search crews found the bodies of the
hikers. The bodies appeared to be
unharmed, but below the skin they have
internal injuries and broken bones. The
bodies were also in their underwear, and
their tents were cut out from the inside.
To this day, no one knows exactly what
killed the hikers.
Many of these mysterious include odd
weather occurrences, mass death of
animals, weird things floating around
Earth’s orbit, missing planes, abandoned
ships, and much more. These are yet but
a few of the most mysterious events that
have taken place around the world. To
learn about more of these occurrences,
check out the video, and put on your best
detective hats.

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