4 Professions That May Be Replaced By Robots In 30 Years Time

01 Dec

4 professions that may be replaced by robots in 30 years time

We now live in a world where artificial intelligence is taking over. Robots are now been experimented on to improve human activities like sex, pregnancy and even childbirth. With time some degrees and profession are prone to receiving a great blow from the machine invasions.

Find below, four professions that may be totally taken over by robots

1. Pharmacy

With time, drug development, prescription and even research will be totally taken over by robots. With improved knowledge of nanotechnology, pharmacists may soon loose their place in the medical world.

2. Accounting

Basically, getting a robot to do this work will not be a big deal. We now have applications that can be installed and they have proven to be an effective and Good replacement for the accountant. You can now carry out your accounting as long as you can read and write.

3. Paralegal

These days, works of a paralegal can be carried out with just a computer system and an internet connection. Soon, they will be totally replaced by artificial intelligence. Not just paralegals but even lawyers are prone to this invasion.

4. Telecommunications

A degree in telecommunications is now a battle between the machines created by their counterparts and they themselves. Soon, engineers, broadcasters and even journalism may soon be replaced by robots. Communication efforts are changing daily, from Snapchat to Facebook – we get our news in a very different way these days.

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