7 Most Used Words In Nigeria From January Till Date

02 Dec

7 Most used words in Nigeria from January till Date

In Nigeria, almost every word is turned into a cliche the moment anything can be related to it. It’s December and some words have been trending right from January. It is funny enough that even children now know what exactly the words mean.

Here is a list of words that were the 7 most used in Nigeria from January till date.

1. Recession;

Our news bulletins are incomplete without the mention of this word. Right from January, it has been recession this, recession that and the word started trending.

2. MMM:
Although this is an acronym for Mavro mondial movement, this very acronym is now a brand name at home, schools, hospitals and in fact anywhere people are gathered. Questions like “are you on MMM?” should be rated as the most asked question of the year because the rate at which it is heard on daily basis is just too much.

3. Change:

Right from March 2015 this word became an everyday word on the lips of all Nigerians. It is synonymous to recession. You hardly hear change without recession. The APC government brought change to us in words and acts.

4. Buhari

5. Cucumber:

Gone are the days When cucumber was a fruit, today the mere mention (Or sight) of the word cucumber most especially from a lady arouses suspicion.

6. Dollar:

The recession brought about an increase in the exchange rate and traders took the advantage to inflate the prices of goods. Even those that have never seen a dollar also complained and are still complaining about the exchange rate.

7. Niger Delta Avengers
Credits :Nairaland

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