20 Facts About North Korea

09 Dec

1.According to a textbook in North
Korea, Kim Jong Un learned to drive at
age 3.
2.In 1953, a North Korean fighter pilot
defected to South Korea with his
MiG-15 and was rewarded with US
$100,000 by the U.S.
3.12,710 people have immigrated to
North Korea since 1990.
4.North Korea holds elections every 5
years in which the ballots list only one
5.Wearing jeans is illegal in North
6.In North Korea, only military and
government officials can own motor
7.In 2013, North Korea’s president
killed his own uncle by throwing him
Unclad into a cage with 120 starving
8.North Korea has its own operating
system called Red Star OS.
9.North Koreans watched the 2014
World Cup on a 24-hour delay.
10.In the last 60 years, over 23,000
North Koreans have defected to South
Korea. Only two South Koreans have
gone to the North.
11.North Koreans may only choose from
28 approved haircuts.
12.In the 50s, North Korea built Kijong-
dong, a “nice” city visible from the
border, to encourage South Koreans in.
It’s actually a ghost city.
13.North Korea has 51 “Social
Categories” ranked by their loyalty to
the regime.
14.North Korean archaeologists
announced the world in 2012 they
“discovered” lair of the UNICORN ridden
by legendary King Tongmyong 2000
years ago.
15.For 20 years, the World’s Tallest
Hotel was a 105-story empty pyramid in
16.North Korea hosts the World’s
Largest Stadium seating 150,000
17.North Korea is officially not
Comm,unist anymore. Since 2009 its
ideology is called “Juche”.
18.North Korea is the world’s only
nation to currently have a US Navy ship
19.Possessing Bibles, watching South
Korean movies and distributing
pornography may be punished with
death in North Korea.
20.North Korea uses a fax machine to
send threats to South Korea.

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