8 Horrifying Moments Smartphones Have Caused The Death Of People

17 Dec

Our phones have become our ultimate
companions. It’s really heartbreaking to
see when people lose their lives
because of the use of smartphones.
Most tech enthusiasts have imagined a
future when robots turn against humans
and become our ultimate overlords and
enslaving the entire human race but
there’s something they haven’t really
Our smartphones who are the supposed
predecessors of these advanced A.I
powered robots have allegedly caused
havoc and a large number of deaths.
This leaves us with the question :
Are Smartphones Not Becoming
Overlords Controlling How We Think
And Behave ?
The list here shows 8 horrifying
moments smartphones have caused the
death of people. Sorry I Couldn’t Place
A Link To The Videos please check the
1. 3 Children Drown While Their Mum
Plays with her phone
This case is very pathetic because we all
know that one of the basic things that
children need from their parents is
In Irving, Texas, in 2015, Patricia Allen
went to her apartment complex’s
swimming pool along with three of her
five children (ages 9, 10, and 11). It was
reported that both she and her husband
knew that the children couldn’t swim ,
but her husband told her that the
children could swim well enough to be
in the pool. Tragically, all three children
drowned. Witnesses stated that Allen
was right by the pool, but she was
looking down at her phone the entire
time. She began to panic when she
realized that she couldn’t find her
Officer James McClellan of the Irving
Police Department recounted the
witnesses’ story to reporters: “They
walked up to the pool and saw the
mother sitting on the edge of the pool ,
looking outward toward the deeper end
area of the pool and also observed that
the water was still and calm, and no
flapping or splashing or bubbles in the
water. It was at that point that the
mother stepped out.”
Those children could have been alive
today if their mum wasn’t so
preoccupied with her smartphone.
2. Smartphone Explodes Killing Man
In India
In 2010, Gopal Gujjar of India was in his
field, herding his cattle and making a
call on his Nokia mobile phone as he’d
done plenty of times before . when the
phone exploded while he was holding it
to his ear, killing him. When
investigators arrived, they found Gujjar
lying in the field with pieces of his
phone strewn about his face and body
and severe burns and injuries to his ear,
head, neck, and shoulders. Nokia has
had problems with counterfeit batteries
causing their phones to explode.
Regrettably, other fatalities have been
caused by exploding phones. Such
deaths have been reported in China and
Nepal. Representatives from each of
the phone companies involved reported
investigating these bizarre deaths and
are doing as much research as possible
to prevent more from happening in the
3. Girl Dies In Search Of The Ultimate
Who would have thought that a simple
Selfie could get her killed
Anna Ursu, a beautiful 18-year-old girl
from Bucharest, Romania, would serve
as a severe warning to these dire
consequences. In May 2015, Ursu, like
many people her age, was engrossed by
her phone’s front-facing camera, trying
to get the perfect selfie. Anna and her
friend decided to go to a train yard to
take some photos. One of them
suggested that they climb atop a train
car and take pictures there. Ursu’s
friend said that things were going well
until Ursu grabbed a wire on top of the
train while trying to snap a selfie; the
wire was live and extremely high
voltage. Ursu was immediately
electrocuted. The voltage was so
powerful that she burst into flames.
The girl was quickly transported to
Bucharest Burns Hospital in hopes to
save her life, but her injuries were too
severe. Anisia Iliescu, a doctor at the
hospital’s emergency department, told
reporters that it was impossible to save
Ursu because of her physical state. “Her
whole body was burned ,” Iliescu said.
4.Man Falls Of Cliff While Pressing
His Smartphone
We all are guilty of texting and walking
in our homes, lecture halls or even at
the mall. While walking and looking
down at our phone, we’ve all probably
bumped into someone or something,
but most times , we manage to take our
eyes away from our phones long
enough to be aware of what’s around
Unfortunately for Joshua Burwell, he
didn’t look away from his phone soon
On Christmas Day 2015, Burwell went
to San Diego’s scenic Sunset Cliffs, a
popular spot for tourists and locals alike
to view the sunset. Many people go
there hoping to grab the perfect photo
for Instagram and garner as many likes
as possible.
Burwell was no different than the many
others there, but he was so glued to his
phone that he didn’t realize he’d
already passed the safe area of the cliff.
He kept walking until he stepped right
over the edge and fell 18 meters (60 ft).
People nearby heard someone crying
out for help, and eventually, a group
made a dangerous descent down the
cliffside and reached him. Sadly, he died
at the scene .
Witnesses said that they saw Burwell
walking toward the cliff while looking
down at his phone and simply falling
over the edge. “[He] wasn’t watching
where he was walking; he was looking
down at the device in his hands,” said
lifeguard Bill Bender.
5.Girl Hit And Dragged By Speeding
Car When Playing Pokémon Go
Tanami Nayler, 22, had gone out to play
the augmented reality game Pokémon
Go when she was hit by a car and
dragged more than 70 metres down the
road and killed in Melbourne, Australia.
Police said her phone was in her pocket
at the time after her and a friend had
just finished scouring the streets to
catch Pokemon characters on Friday
She was hit by a stolen Toyota Corolla
before the driver allegedly sped away
through a red light and later crashed
into a tree and a telegraph pole.
Detective Inspector Stuart McGregor
described the tragedy as ‘an absolute
waste of life’.
He said: “All she did was just walk
across the pedestrian crossing, legally,
and [she] has unfortunately paid with
her life because of someone else’s
“It’s fair to say that this is probably one
of the lowest acts I think you can
commit on the road. To me it’s just
“Unfortunately, we’ve seen the worst of
humanity where the driver has got out
and just run away,” he continued.
“No attempt to assist, no attempt to
concern themselves with the welfare of
the person he has hit.”
Miss Nayler, from Sydney, was believed
to have arrived in Melbourne the night
before to visit a friend. It’s quite a pity .
She was so beautiful.
6.Toddler Is Run Over By SUV While
Mum Checks Phone
Surveillance cameras had captured a
slow-moving S.U.V. hitting a 2-year-old
girl who veered into its path. Her
mother, trailing behind on a street in a
provincial Chinese city, had been glued
to her phone and appeared not to
notice that the vehicle had started
moving. By the time an ambulance
arrived, the girl had died.
This happened in Yueyang, in the
southern province of Hun and it led to
an outpouring of anger on Chinese social
media about the dangers of being
obsessed with one’s phone.
“Heart-wrenching!” the Shandong
provincial prosecutor’s office wrote on
Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. “Put
down your phone. Save the children!”
The death of Tutu, as the girl was
identified in Chinese news reports, is
just the latest example of how
“distracted walking” can threaten public
7. Woman Distracted By Smartphone
Hit And Killed In Russia
A pedestrian, who was standing on tram
tracks in Russia, suddenly looked up but
had no time to react or jump out of the
She was rushed to hospital in Moscow
but died soon afterwards.
The tram had emerged from under a
railway bridge and the female driver
appeared to see the woman late before
trying in vain to stop.
Footage from the cab shows the driver
opening the door to get out of the tram
to help the woman.
The pedestrian was waiting to cross
busy Rusakovskaya Street but was
paying more attention to her mobile
and was unaware she was standing in
the path of a tram, which ran on tracks.
8. Woman Runs Into Burning House
To Save Her Phone
Wendy Rybolt of Bartonville, Illinois, was
in the unfortunate position of having
her home catch fire while both she and
her teen daughter were in the home.
Luckily, they were both able to get out
with no injury as flames scorched
everything around them. Then Rybolt
realized that she’d left her phone inside
her home, so she ran back inside to
retrieve it. She couldn’t escape the fire
a second time.
A responding police officer tried to save
her , but the smoke was too great for
him to get very far into the house, and
he had to be hospitalized for smoke
inhalation. When firefighters arrived,
they, too, attempted to go in to save
her, but by that time, the flames were
too great, and they had to give up the
effort until the fire was extinguished.
An autopsy showed that Rybolt died
from massive smoke inhalation.
Chief Brian Fengel of the Bartonville
Police Department remarked:
Material things can be replaced. You
never want to go back in to retrieve
anything. In this, there was heavy
smoke. Carbon monoxide will get you,
and you may not even know it.
Some deaths here happened due to
carelessness while others were
unforseen. As good as our smartphones
may be, they are also dangerous.

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