10 Safety Tips For Driving This Season.

22 Dec

The End of Year period in Nigeria is
usually associated with an increase in
crime rate and personal security risks.
Here are a few tips to bear in mind
while driving your car or as you ride as a
passenger this season:
1. Keep doors locked and windows up at
all times when in traffic, if you can
2 .Refrain from keeping valuables and
attractive items such as phones where
they are clearly visible
3. Do not let your car’s fuel level drop
below quarter tank
4. Park in secure areas and avoid
parking in the open street. Walk to your
car with the keys in your hand
5. Check your surroundings before
getting out of your car and do not leave
the vehicle if you feel insecure
6. Exercise due caution; if you witness
an accident or come across a stranded
motorist at night, call the rapid
response number or emergency services
(112) to report the incident
7. Be cautious if a passer-by indicates
that your car has a flat tyre or other
defect and urges you to stop
8. At unusual/unexpected roadblocks
keep windows up and doors locked and
display the required documents if
9.Remain in your car if it is rear-ended
by another car and ensure it is not a
hijacking or kidnapping attempt before
inspecting any damage
10. If you suspect that you are being
followed, drive to the nearest police
station, another safe haven or public
place and avoid lonely routes
Please remember to dial the hotline
“112” in case of an emergency.
Drive safely this season.
Seasons Greatings From Raufworld.

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