Alhaji Ahmed Zikki Distributes Money To Street Hawkers, Fans Thank Him

24 Dec

Popular Facebook User and Social
Activist Alhaji Ahmed Zikki
distributes 5000 Naira each To Street
Hawkers and Sellers as Christmas
Gift, Fans Commends and Applaud

Not so much is known about Social
Activist Alhaji Ahmed Zikki (aka Arab
Money) but I think he deserves to be
commended for at least his kindness,
courage and determination to
remember helping the poor this festive
season. According to his Facebook
profile, It says he is a student of DELTA
ECONOMICS. His hobbies are Football
(winger 7) and DANCING & CHATTING,
LUV making friends
I know some people will still hate, but
at least if there are 1,000 people like
Social Activist Alhaji Ahmed Zikki in
Nigeria, things will be to improve a bit.
We don’t deserve to suffer as Nigerians
but I think we are so much enslaved by
our greedy politicians. The youths must
be ready to defend their future (not
violently) through coming all out in
various social media platforms to speak
against Social vices as regard our welfare
especially in politics.
In Africa alone, over 70% of the
populations are youth who fall between
the age of 14 to 21 years according to
World Bank UNICEF. All ten of the
world’s youngest countries are in Africa.
Africa will have the second largest
population of the world by 2050

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