5 Very Useful Google Search Tricks Few People Know

27 Dec

Here are some tricks listed and
compiled by me from getting your local
time, checking your flight arrival to
getting any music , comic or movie
downloaded on your phone.
(1)Get Your local time
What time is it in Lagos, Abuja right
now? well, worry no more simply enter
” what time is it” without quotes to
check the time of big cities around the
world or ” what time is it Lagos” to
specify your location. Give it a try.
(2)Arrival and departure time of
your flight!
simply just enter the airline and the
flight number into the Google search
box and get fast results asap.
(3)Convert currency, temperature,
byte.. anything.
Most people are aware of this, but for
the rest who don’t
just simply put in the search box
1Naira in USD, seconds in Year, byte in
Kilobyte and so on and your result will
be the first thing you see.give it a try.
(4)Compare items with “better
than” and find similar items with
“reminds me of”
Now using the —better than— phrase
with your keyword brings out
alternatives to that item for example:
in the search box you put——— better
than Nairaland will bring out
comparisons done between nairaland
and other websites or perhaps even
alternatives. another is
——– better than Xender will show you
other apps users have thought to be
better than Xender app for android. so
you get the point.
now using —– “reminds me of _Adele_”
in quote will bring out other artists
people thought sounded similar to
Adele.. so all in all this can be useful in
finding new songs and artists that you
never new. this can be used for
something else aside from music.
(5)Find and download Music, Movie,
TV series, Comic just name it in high
modified: simplified.
in your search box put this keywords
index of/parent directory/last
modified/size/”Name of movie,
music, tv series,comic or app/type of
file e.g mp4 mp3 pdf….
for example:
index of / parent directory/ last
modified/size/Captain America civil
war /mkv 720p
you can copy this and paste in your
Google search box now to see what I
am talking about.
click search
click on any of the results
open and scroll wen you find what you
Click on it and it’s starts downloading
try the same for music and the rest .
This is the best way to download any
series in high quality.

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