Top 10 Facts About Google (no 5 Will Shock You)

27 Dec

. If you search for askew in Google, the
content displayed will tilt slightly to the
. Google was formally called backrub
. Because Gmail was launched in April 1
2004, many people taught it was April
fool prank
. Google hired a camel to create a street
view of desert
. If you spell Google backwards you get
elgoog , now you can visit http:// and search for any
word but of course your word must be
in mirror form e.g Hope and epoh
. About 3 million searches are
performed on Google every minutes
. Google first tweet was I am feeling
lucky and its written in binary codes
. The owner of Firefox is now working
with Google
. Google own a programming language
called Go
10. Google earn about $30 billion per
year from adverts

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