10 Apps Nigerians Used The Most In 2016

03 Jan

Looking at the past year, let’s look at
the apps Nigerians used the most and
can be found on almost every Nigerian
1. WhatsApp
The Instant messaging app would
continue to be Nigerians favorite when
it comes to It’s text and call devices.
This is the app used most by Nigeria in
2. Snapchat
Sort of what became an instant hit this
year, Snapchat seems to be the social
network preferred by Nigerians in the
year 2016
3. Opera
Opera and Opera Mini is still the most
famous browser amongst Nigerians, this
makes it one of the most used app by
4. Instagram
Snapchat is not blowing the competition
away especially when Instagram now
offers Snapchat like features, Instagram
is also one of the most popular social
network used by many Nigerians.
5. Uber
The transportation company uber which
with It’s app you can order a cab from
your current location to your exact
destination was also an instant hit in
2016. When many Nigerians using it
6. Xender
The file sharing app that uses Wi-Fi-
direct to share files, photo and videos is
another app widely used by Nigerians
especially in 2016.
7. Shazam
Shazam, a song recognition app using
audio fingerprinting technology is also
one app that became widely used by
Nigerians in 2016
8. True caller
An app that suggests names of unknown
callers from It’s online database of
contacts, true caller, this is also one of
the apps that could be found on many
Nigerians phones in 2016.
9. Score!
Score! And Score! HERO where games
that you’ll have draw a path with your
finger from a player to the goal post to
score. These we hit games in Nigeria
especially in early 2016. Tho people
rarely play it now but the game can still
be found in many Nigerians phone.
10. Twitter
Twitter is the last on my list but also
very popular amongst Nigerians in 2016
with not only individuals but also
companies, events and media houses
using twitter more than ever before in
Honorable mention’s
– Facebook Messenger
– Dream League Soccer
– Clash of Clans
– WattPad
– UC Browser

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