5 Types Of Writers We Have

08 Jan

In the world of writing, there are
majorly 5 types of writers we have.
Their qualities are not turn-offs; rather
it is what makes them unique. In this
article, I will be pointing out the types
of writers you get to meet and their
Idea Bag: This type of writer has
knowledge of virtually everything
around. Bring up a topic and watch him
devour it right in front of you. He knows
what to write but he is never writing
anything. I wouldn’t say it is a bad
attribute, if only you can channel your
energy towards becoming an writing
Procrastinator : He is the advanced
Idea Bag that is ready to write but can
never just fix a date to begin. He will
personally console himself with the fact
that he is so much occupied with lots of
work at hand. He believes he will start
off one day, but that day never just
seems to come. He has already drawn
his plans and he is just waiting to kick
off when the time is right. But can her
ever have the right time? We will get to
Multi-Tasker : I call him this because
you will never see him concentrating on
a single story or book to finish it. The
moment he feels the motivation is
gone, he revives his motivation by
switching over to another story. Always
starting but never ever ending any
story. If you pay a trip to his personal
computer, you will see lots of unfinished
worked being piled up. This quality is
good if only you are willing to be selling
off your drafts for a low fee.
Slow Snail : One day at a time is his
motto. He rather spends a full year on a
single project than multi-task. He is
never out of motivation on any project
he is carrying out. I call him a “slow
snail” because he believes that
whatever is worth doing is worth doing
well. This quality is good if only you can
create great contents that will make
your readers droll and wait in
anticipation for the next big thing to
come from you.
The Fast and Furious : He comes and
goes just like speed of light. He has the
ability to create about 3 long stories in
a single month. He doesn’t care how
good it is, all he wants is to keep dishing
out articles and books for readers to
keep “enjoying”. He doesn’t bother
whether he is the best or not. In fact,
he feels he is not in competition with
anybody. All he wants is just to keep
writing till he has nothing to write at
that moment again. This quality is good
if you are willing to hire an editor to
help you fine-tune whatever you have
There are lots of other types of writers
we can have, but I believe these are
the main ones. It boils down to
improving and fine-tuning your skill to
your own benefit. Which type of writer
are you? Say it through the comment
box for the fun of it.


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3 responses to “5 Types Of Writers We Have

  1. giftyejikeme

    January 11, 2017 at 11:15 am

    Amazing writeup! I Find that I fall into the first 3 classifications. The Idea Bag, Procrastinator, and the Multi Tasker

    Liked by 1 person

    • raufworld

      January 11, 2017 at 12:02 pm

      Then You will need to stepup your game and watch how good you will become in Writing.
      Many thanks.

      Liked by 1 person


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