The Slowest Cars In The World(Video)

11 Jan

Have you ever wondered what is the
slowest car in the world and how it
looks like? Most likely the thought of
that have hardly cross your mind. This is
because most people are largely
interested in the speed of a car which
often times translates to it’s cost. Well,
there are dozens of slow (creeping) Cars
from around the world some
manufactured by well known car brands.
The reasons why some of these cars are
produce are actually to improve fuel
efficiency and be environmentally
friendly. The technology employed are
different from your everyday cars as
those have failed the above reasons
hence the need to key into these
alternative cheap source of power. They
run on Hybrid power or electric motor.
So, how do we define or judge a car to
be slow? Lets say a car whose maximum
or top speed is less than 80 mph and /
or is acceleration is less than 60 mph in
30 secs is slow. The axiom that ‘driving
the slowest car fast is far better than
driving the fastest car slow on a busy
day’ which may be true is sometimes
the selling point for these slow animals.
Here is the list of 10 cars that are slow
that you may never have heard of:
10. Nissan Versa Note SR
109 hp
This car takes up to 10.3 secs to hit 60
mph. If you are looking for a sport car
with speed, then you have a wrong pick
though it looks pretty sporty.
9. Mitsubishi i-Miew
66 hp
Top speed is 80 mph though it gets to
13.4 secs to reach 60 mph.
8. Fiat Qubo Natural Power 1.4
76 hp
Some cars can be deceiving judging by
their looks and this car is an example of
a car in that category. 60 mph in 17.7
secs is pretty slow.
7. Daimler Smart CDI
61 hp
This is a two passenger seat car with
rear engine, rear wheel drive. It sprints
to 60 mph in 19.5 secs.
6. Hindustan Ambassador 1.5 DS 7
52 hp
This brand found in Indian gets to 80
mph in 28 secs. So when next you get
to Indian, please do not concentrate
yourself on just the good cars you will
see there. just don’t miss a chance to
travel in this car.
5. Tata Nano
37 hp
Tata have so many make in Nigeria but
this model is not one of them. The
reason is not far fetch; a slow car.
Taking 29.4 secs to achieve just 60 mph
from 0 is a poor rating. It’s fuel
economy is something to desire.
4. Mia Electric Car
13 hp
With 30 secs to reach 60 mph this can
be compensated with the 3 hours it
takes to charge full using electricity.
3. Renault Twizy
17 hp
This car doesn’t get to 60 mph no
matter how hard you try. That is how
bad it can get.
2. Aixam Coupe
5.6 hp
Single seated, secure, safe, slow and
stylish. top speed clocks 30 mph. This
car is very suitable for first time drivers
as it has undergone several safety test.
And now our featured presentation
1. Peel P50
3.35 hp
Manufactured by Peel Engineering
The size of this car is 45 inch in height
and 41 inch in width with a space for ‘1
adult and 1 shopping bag’ according to
the specification. The speed is just 30
mph. Well you shouldn’t be surprise
when people on bare foot overtake you
and your toy.
Lastly, this car lack the reverse gear and
is not allowed in public in some
countries. So before you buy check with
your local authorities.

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