15 Awesome Toyota Facts You Have To Know

19 Jan

The company, Toyota Motor Corporation
was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda
Its interesting to know that the founder
was formerly into textile production
,infact Toyota Motor Corporation started
out as a division of Toyoda Automatic
Loom Works.Well the company is still in
the textile business till this day.
The Toyota logo is not just random oval
shapes but it actually spells out T-O-Y-
O-T-A .
The brand was formerly “Toyoda” just
like the founders name , take a peak at
their previous logo :
Toyota fully owns Lexus and Scion .They
also own stakes in Daihatsu and Subaru
In terms of money Toyota is the 8th
biggest company in the world as at
2016 .
In 2013 they broke a world record , ,
they produced more than 10 million cars
in one year .
The Toyota Corolla has 12 generations
and has sold about 40 million(cars)
worldwide .
At a time as part of publicity for it’s
then new corona design, when Japan got
its first free way ,They took three cars
out for a spin and drove 100,000 miles
non stop back and forth between Osaka
and Nagoya .
The legendary 2000GT broke all sorts of
records , one I particularly love is,it ran
130 mph , for 78 consecutive hours
partially through a tropical storm.Now
thats wicked !!! , don’t drool over this
baby except you have about 500 million
Naira .
Its not surprising that they built their
first hybrid car in 1968 !! and it used a
turbine engine .
Even though they started making
hybrids early , the Prius was the first
massed produced hybrid from
them.And they sold the 1,000,000 th in
1997 .
Toyota developed a complex traffic
“app” over 40 years ago.In the early
1970s, the Comprehensive
Automobile Traffic Control System
featured a control room like you would
see in a old sci-fi movie. It practically
monitored traffic and let any car with a
receiver on their end know which
streets were grid-locked, so drivers
could use alternate routes.
This guys don’t just give up.It took 450
prototypes to get the first Lexus right
,and they had to make 50 full-scale clay
models .Inspiring !!
They were so successful that Japan had
to name one of its cities after them in
1959 .
I hope you enjoyed this guys , don’t
forget to share and comment .

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