Healthy Way To Improve Your Voice During Quran Recitation

29 Jan

Asalamualeikum warahmahtullahu
A strong beautiful and clear voice during
Quran recitation is one thing a lot
Muslims admire and wish to have
especially when Bukhari and Muslim
reported from the hadith of Abu
Hurayrah(may Allah be pleased with
him) that “” Allah does not listen to
anything (more approvingly) as he
listens to prophet reciting loudly the
Quran in a sweet voice, Al Hakim also
reported from the hadith of All Bara Ibn
Azib that the messenger of Allah (peace
be upon him) said : Beautify the Quran
with your voices, for sweet voice
increases the beauty of the Quran
How to improve your voice during
1)Recite the Quran from time to time
2) Try as much as possible to apply the
rules of tajweed during recitation
3)Drink lots of water to keep your vocal
cord moist
4)Drink hot teas such as green tea or
lemon tea to help fight against mucusl
5) Once in a day, gargle salt water
6)Take foods rich in Vitamins so that
you will be able to coat your throat with
proper nutrients to help strengthen
your throat,you can as well take vitamin
7)maintain good oral hygiene
Avoid smoking and pollutants
entering your system
9)Exercise: Some exercise has been
proved to strengthen the
voices,breathing exercise and learning
to breath properly helps a lot too,
10) Avoid hard drugs, alcohol,they all
destroy the vocal cord

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