Common Grammatical Errors To Avoid In English Language

04 Feb

We all know that English Language is not
our mother tongue but that is not an
excuse for us to keep committing the
same error all the time. Let’s check
them out.
1. ‘I’m’,’I am’,’Am’
This one is just too rampant. There is a
clear difference between the three but
most people tend to write ‘I’m’ down
the way they pronounce it. ‘I’m’ is the
shortened form of ‘I am’.
Am fine -Wrong
I’m fine or I am fine -Correct
2. Its and It’s
‘Its’ is a possessive pronoun used for
objects and animals while ‘It’s’ is the
shortened form of ‘It is’. They are not
in any way related
Its raining -wrong
It is raining -correct
Its tail -correct
3. Your and You’re
This is actually simple but I guess most
people want to form Americana so they
tend to use ‘Your’ often. ‘Your is a
pronoun’ while ‘You’re simply means
You are’
I want to know when your coming –
I want to know when you are coming –
4. There and Their
I have seen this many times especially
in writing but we can change it. ‘There’
is used to refer to a place. On the
contrary,’their’ is a possessive pronoun.
So,what is the relationship?
Is it there own? -wrong
Is it their own? -correct
5. Lose and Loose
Some people count this as insignificant
but it is.
‘Lose’ is used in an aspect of loss or
damage while ‘loose’ is to be free.
Loose your belt so that you can have a
breathing space -correct
These are just the few out of the
numerous ones that we have but we
have to go one step at a time. If we all
improve on this then we have moved a
step forward

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