5 Things You Need To Stop Doing In 2017

10 Feb

We are products of habits. We make our
habits and our habits in turn make us.
You can tell the future of a person by
taking a look at the person’s habits. It’s
like an indicator with a 99.9% accuracy
rate. This is why it is important that you
must constantly do a self-evaluation.
We are already in the year 2017. Here
are five things you should stop doing
this year.
1. Stop sleeping for long:
Sleep is necessary for the proper
functioning of the human body. It gives
the body an opportunity to rest and
regain its vigor. Science says that the
average human being needs to sleep for
about eight hours a day. But anybody
who is really serious about becoming
rich cannot afford to sleep for long
hours at a stretch. A large number of
the world’s influencers sleep for a short
time each day. Reduce the amount of
time you sleep. Spend the time working
on your goals. Read a book. Invent in
something. Your best thoughts will
come in the night when others are
2. Stop having an entitlement
This is one of the greatest enemies to
success. There are people who have
erected a mindset of expectancy from
others. They believe that someone
owes them a favor and it is that
person’s responsibility to do it. If that
expectation is not met, they tend to
become bitter. Such people will not go
far. Why? Because they place the power
of their future in another person’s hand.
Quit expecting anything from anyone!
Stop accusing people around you. Stop
blaming the government. Realize that
you’re the CEO of your life and that
you’re 100% responsible for your life.
3. Stop playing it safe:
Too many people are too careful about
life. They are slow to make decisions or
take any action because of the fear of
making the wrong decision. What they
fail to understand is that indecision is
also a decision to do nothing. This is the
mindset that paralyzes them and keeps
them from taking risks. Life favors the
bold. Like someone said,”in life, your
biggest regret will not be from what
you did but what you did not do”. So,
brace up. Try something new. Master
your fear. Take new calculated risks.
4. Stop depending on your job alone:
If there is anything 2016 thought us
about jobs, it is that having a job is not a
very reliable option. This is evident by
the massive retrenchment that
happened last year. Nobody anticipated
it. Don’t misunderstand me, having a
job is good. But it is advisable that you
should have an alternative source of
income. Search for new opportunities.
The internet is home to many
opportunities that won’t take your time
and efforts. Set up one for yourself.
Insure yourself from any form of
unsavory future occurrence.
5. Stop ignoring opportunities:
Someone once said that to be poor
means Passing Over Opportunities
Repeatedly. This is very true. Every
human on earth has an opportunity to
achieve their goals. Some people’s
opportunities are more glaring than
others. But nobody has been deprived
by fate of that opportunity. The problem
is that many people never recognized
the opportunities that came their way
because it did not come as they expect.
Others just ignored it. Choose to
explore new grounds.

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