10 Amazing Miracles Of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

03 Mar

Every Prophet sent by Allah was given
miracles and signs. These miracles
depended on which people that
particular prophet was sent to, what
they believed in and the sort of things
they would understand.
Prophet Yunus was swallowed by a
whale and he survived.
Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) survived the
blazing fire that his people threw him
Prophet Musa (pbuh) had a walking stick
that could turn into a serpent, and he
used it to split the Red Sea in two.
Prophet Jesus (pbuh) could raise the
dead and cure the blind, and he also
spoke from his cradle. Of course these
miracles were done under the
commandment of the Supreme Being,
But did you know that the seal of
Prophets, Muhammed (pbuh) also
performed miracles? Here are some
fascinating ones:
#1. Invisibility
When the Prophet (pbuh) planned to
migrate to Medina, the tribes in Mecca
conspired to assassinate him once and
for all. Each tribe sent an assassin and
they surrounded the house of the
Prophet (pbuh) that night. But the
Prophet (pbuh) walked out right in front
of them and none of them saw him.
They were blinded to him.
#2. The camel in the sand incident
The Prophet and Abu Bakr (peace be
upon them) were on their way to
Medina when they were being followed
by an assassin named Suraqa. When
Abu Bakr got worried, the Messenger
(pbuh) told him, “Don’t be sad; Allah is
certainly with us.” Then he (pbuh) cast a
glance at Suraqa and his horse’s feet
became stuck in the sand. Suraqa
managed to get the feet of the horse
but when he tried to follow the Prophet
(pbuh), his horse’s legs got stuck again
and smoke was coming from where the
sand. Suraqa realized this was beyond
him and had to go back.
#3. Talking with the Jinn
In one narration, a jinni called “Hama”
came in the form of an old man carrying
a staff; he accepted Islam. The Noble
Messenger (PBUH) instructed him in
some of the short chapters of the
Qur’an, which he listened to and then
#4. Water flowed from his blessed
Once the Prophet was with his
companions, about 300 of them in a
place called Zawra. It was time to
observe the afternoon prayer but the
people could not find any water to
make wudu. They Prophet ordered
them to look for little water, when they
did, he dipped him hands into it and
water was flowing from his hands like a
fountain. All three hundred people who
were there made wudu and used it for
other needs.
#5. The night journey (Isra) and
ascension (Miraj)
This is one of the most amazing miracles
of the Prophet (pbuh). It is called Al Isra
wal Miraj. It was the night that the
Prophet (pbuh), under the guidance of
archangel Gibril (pbuh) travelled the
Kaaba in Makkah to Masjid al-Aqsa in
Jerusalem and then to the sky, to the
high realms and to the presence of God.
On this journey, he met the Prophet
before him including Musa (Moses), Isa
(Jesus) and Ibrahim (Abraham). He led
them in prayer. He reached a very high
place where he could hear the pens
writing people’s deeds. He saw heaven
and hell. And he (pbuh) was elevated,
and he met his Lord, the Magnificent,
and the merciful. This incident is
narrated in the holy Quran and hadith.
#6. The moon split
The polytheists at the time of the
Prophet (pbuh) keep insisting that they
wanted a miracle. They said they will
believe if The Prophet (pbuh) could
show them the splitting of the moon in
half. When Allah granted the Prophet
the ability, he called them all to
witness, and the moon split in two. And
indeed it was a clear manifestation. But
in their arrogance, they still rejected the
truth. This incident is also narrated in
the Holy Quran.
#7. The lifeless objects and animals
communicated with the Prophet
On several occasions, trees, stones,
mountains and sand would greet the
Prophet (pbuh) when he passed. Once,
a Jew roasted a goat, filling it with a
very strong poison. She then sent it to
God’s Messenger (PBUH). But before
the Prophet (pbuh) touched the food,
the goat spoke to him and informed
him of the poison. So he told everyone
to abstain from the food.
#8. The dead affirmed the Prophet-
hood of Muhammed (pbuh)
In one narration, one of the companions
of the Prophet (pbuh) suddenly dropped
down dead in the marketplace. The
people took his body to his house. That
evening between sunset and the night
prayer, while the women were weeping
all around him, the corpse exclaimed:
‘Silence! Silence!’ Then he said:
‘Muhammad is God’s Messenger! Peace
be upon you, O Messenger of God!’ He
spoke so eloquently for a while that the
people had to uncover him to check.
But he was really dead.
#9. Food galore
The Messenger of Allah fed more than a
hundred people from very small food.
Whenever he placed his blessed hands
on any food, he caused it to increase
and everyone could eat to their fill and
still have left over. In one narration, he
(pbuh) fed more than a hundred men
from one cup of milk. Each person
would drink to his fill and pass to the
next without refilling. And each of the
men drank to their satisfaction, and the
cup was still filed with milk as though it
was never touched.
#10. The Prophet could heal the sick
In one narration, one of the companions
was hit by an arrow in his eye. The
arrow was so deep it was sticking out at
the back of his head. The Messenger
(pbuh) placed his hands over the eye
and it healed.

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