How To Get Twice Your Data Subscription On MTN

10 May

Data is something we cannot do without in this internet age. Glo had the cheapest data subscription service as the grand masters of data. But that was until about two weeks ago when they slashed their data volume allocation to exactly half. All the networks now seem to have an equal data volume allocation per naira. That means your data network subscription choice is now pretty much guided by the network provider’s signal strength in your area. For those using the MTN network, I have a nifty method for doubling whatever data was allocated to you. So if you were allocated 1.5gb, you get 3gb and if you were allocated 3.5gb, you get 7gb. This nifty method for doubling your data volume allocation on MTN works without the need for any software or tweaks! Yes, you dot even have to change your IMEI. You can see a screenshot on one of my devices above and another one below:

As you can see from the screenshots, that is the method I have been using for some time now. It is called MTN new device bonus but guess what, you don’t even need to buy a new device. So let us see the method step by step:

Step by Step How to Get Twice Your data Subscription on MTN
The simple trick is that you just need to let MTN believe you bought a new phone and they will graciously double yyour data subscription for a period of either one year or six months. It does not matter whether it is an iphone or an itel smart phone. As far as this trick is concerned, “smart phone na smart phone”

1. If you actually bought a new smart phone, simply insert your MTN sim card into the new smart phone whether you will be using the sim card in that phone or not. After a few minutes, you will get an sms from MTN telling you that they have detected your new device and you have been rewarded with double your data subscription for a certain period of time, ranging from six months to one year or even more

2. If you did not buy a new device, but know someone who has a new device, simply look for a way to insert your MTN sim card into that person’s new device (Please, I advice you to do this with the person’s consent). Once MTN has sent you the SMS congratulating you, you take your sim card out and you are free to enjoy it as much as you like. The owner rocks his/her phone, while you rock your double data! interesting right


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