When You Eventually Get That Dream Job

31 May

When you eventually get that dream job:

1. Don’t tell the world:

Don’t start broadcasting it “upandan” because you do not know who wants you to rise or who wants your downfall. people enjoy pulling people down in Nigeria. They enjoy to see you sad, lack and beg. Witches, wizards and wicked people everywhere! Ride the success quietly and keep your mouth shut. Tell only your closest and trusted family members and friends.

2. Don’t get involved in office politics:

Don’t join them in office politics. don’t gossip about any of your colleagues or your boss. Don’t join any gossip group. Don’t try to do or show any “eye service” in the presence of your boss. Don’t show your colleagues in any way, that you’re better off. They can play that politics on you, set u up and get you sacked.
Just do your job diligently, mind your own business, be lively, hardworking and work conscientiously.
Don’t over do, respect your colleagues…..including the cleaners and drivers.
Don’t ever under estimate or look down on anyone in lower position.

3. Don’t live extravagantly:

Don’t start living large because you earn well. Buying all sorts of expensive things like flashy cars, expensive cloths and shoes, living in an expensive apartment……especially when you’re still single.
Showing off and “denge posing” upandan!
Dress simple(not expensive) and clean.
Use the company bus instead. But if u must buy a car, then buy a simple car(not expensive)……”so they will not chuk eye on your bodi”

4. Save and Invest:

Cultivate the habit of saving and investing. Open an account that will enable you save for the next 5 years without withdrawing. Invest in real estate.
Buy land “plenty”. It appreciates over time, not like car that depreciates. You would be surprised how much it will cost in the next 5/10 years.
Build houses for lease and rent. Invest in treasury bills. Gone are the days when we invest on shares……I don’t even know what is happening to this aspect of the economy for now, so I won’t advice this.
Invest in agriculture……build a poultry, fish pond, etc

5. Don’t show off or taunt people:

Don’t Brag or taunt anybody with your success.
A TV personality “joy isi bewaji”, once wrote:

“For the black man, it is not just money and success…….it is the delight in humiliating another black man.

A black man doesn’t want to be successful if it will not allow him show off. We can’t comprehend quiet success. It has to be boisterous, vain and condescending to others.

One step from point A to point B, the black man looks around to see who he can taunt with success”.

Now I guess this is where they coined out: “pepper dem gang”!

6. Pay your tithe and be charitable:

Don’t fail to pay your tithe and don’t stop helping people, especially the poor and the less privileged around you.
Help your brothers and sisters in need, practise charity. Give to the poor, help the needy. Though be very careful, because some wicked people can use it diabolically against you!
Watch keenly who you give your money to……..”ki wọn ma lọ fi owo e si inu igba aiye (make dem no go put your money inside diabolic calabash)
Your enemy wee just be surprised how he spends anyhow and how money vanishes! Abracadabra
Infact, I’m still skeptical about being a victim of this but God pass them

7. Finally, live a responsible life.

Get involved in a “healthy” relationship and settle down(get married), have kids. Set up a business for your wife….if she’s not the working class type. Though I will advice you marry someone working, but love should matter more. If she’s not working and you have the means……set up a good business for her.
Don’t go clubbing always. Don’t go drinking, smoking and womanising. Respect your wife, your home and protect the sanctity of your marriage.
I am not against drinking and hanging out with friends once a while, but do it with sense……..the same friends you drink with, will desert you when you fall.
Don’t drink.

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