5 Types Of Muslims You Always Find During Taraweeh

02 Jun

Salamun alaykum. Hope Ramadan has been great so far? May Almighty Allah accept it as an act of Ibadah.
list of people depending on their approach to the ten rakat Taraweeh during Ramadan;
1. The Ramadan born agains!
These set of people are the reason why mosques gets filled up during Ramadan. They may have probably not been attending any prayers before Ramadan. They say Solat is stressful, but they develop a strange love for Solat and Taraweeh
2. The once a while Muslims
These set of people aways come like NEPA light. If you see them today, don’t expect them tomorrow
3. The Taraweeh late comers
I can actually be put in this group! These people will never attend Ishai, they come to the masjid when the Taraweeh has reached almost the end. They just perform their Ishai and join the last few rakahs of Taraweeh and that’s all!
4. The early leavers!
These are the opposite of the late comers. They come early for the Ishai and leave immediately after, they don’t care about the Taraweeh.
5. The I-don’t-cares!
They don’t come even come to the masjid at all for either taraweeh or ishai.

Ramadan mubaraq

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