Woman gives birth to her own BROTHER after agreeing to do THIS

14 Jun

– A UK woman was widowed and didn’t want more children

– She met someone and married again, but could no longer have children

– Her daughter volunteered to act as a surrogate

A 30-year-old woman in Somerset, UK gave birth to her own brother after agreeing to act as a surrogate for her mom and stepdad.

Essentially, this means that the woman, Katherine, had a child with her stepdad.

Her mother, 47-year-old Jacky Edwards, is unable to carry a child after having a partial hysterectomy 12 years ago. At the time, she and her then husband had five children and did not want more.
However, her husband passed away. She later met and married Paul, 48, and the two wished to have a child.

Unfortunately, Jacky couldn’t. Seeing how much having another child meant to her mother, Katherine then offered to act as a surrogate because she carried her mother’s genes.
Speaking to Daily Mail, Jacky said she was touched by her daughter’s offer: “My eyes just welled up with tears. The fact that she was willing to do this for me and Paul, it stopped my heart completely.”

Katherine was artificially inseminated with Paul’s sperm after Paul and Jacky agreed to pay her £1,000 (Ksh131,000) per month for expenses. She gave birth to Caspian Edwards in May 2016.

Jacky said her daughter’s offer touched her heart
Katherine is also married and has two kids of her own. She treats Caspian as her nephew. Although she had some doubts, seeing her mother so happy made it worthwhile.

She said: “Giving Caspian to mum felt so natural.”

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