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Daddy Freeze: Pastor Calls God On Phone In The Church As Sheeple Rejoice

Daddy Freeze – Video

Can you imagine this men of God biko nu. Has it gotten to this? OAP Daddy Freeze who has been know for his ardent criticism of men of God in Nigeria as well as other African countries just shared an outrageous video of a crazy man who calls himself a man of God.

In the video he shared on his Instagram account, the man of God was seen delivering a woman of evil spirit and was calling God on phone to inquire from him who the woman is and how the woman should be delivered.

Watch the video here;

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10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World


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Here Is What The Media Has Been Hiding From You

● Attention friends if following codes are mentioned on food packs then you should know what you are unknowingly consuming.

E 322 – Beef
E 422 – Alcohol
E 442 – Alcohol & Chemical
E 471 – Beef & Alcohol
E 476 – Alcohol
E 481 – mixture of Beef and Pork
E 627 – Dangerous Chemical
E 472 – mixture of Beef, meat & Pork
E 631 – Oil extracted from Pig fats.

● Note – you will find these codes mostly in products of foreign companies like :- Chips , Biscuits , Chewing Gums, Toffees, Kurkure and Maggi !

● Don’t ignore pay your kind attention at least for the well being of your kids, if in doubt then search by yourself through your sources if not internet. (Google)

● Look at ingredient on Maggi pack, you will find flavor (E-635 ).

First of all there is no problem with the flavour in Maggi (E-635) The Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives assessed the addictive also known as Disodium 5′-ribonucleotides and concluded that the additive shows no toxicology at any level and acceptable daily limits do not need to be set. This was done in 1974 and 1993..

This information also states that

That foreign companies selling health tonics like Boost
Protin-ex., were tested in Delhi at All India Institute (which houses biggest laboratory in india) and it was found that it is made from the waste left after oil is extracted from Groundnut ! Which is food for animals ! From this waste they make health tonic !!

Now, you all know that most plastics we use today are recycled material, meaning they were waste we threw away and they were picked up, refined and made useful again.. To this effect you can’t claim that these products are unhealthy because of where they were gotten from, what you should concentrate on is the production process, side effects and purity of the products.. Imagine that the bottled water you are drinking today. That plastic can has been used to other people and it is now used by you. But the reason why you are still using it is because it went through recycling and cleansing to get to where it is.

Here is what the information says

Lots of people enjoy Pizzas today.
Let’s have a look over pizza companies

“Pizza Hut
Pizza Corner
Papa John’s Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen
Sal’s Pizza”
AJ Takeaway and Restuarant

These are all american companies,

Note:- to make Pizza tasty…
E-631 flavor Enhancer is added which is made from Pork or Pig meat.

Disodium inosinate (E631) is also a food addictive used in instant noodles, potato chips, and a variety of other snacks.

The FDA (Food and Drug Agency) committee found no evidence of carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, or adverse effects on reproduction. But it has a recommended daily consumption of added 5′-ribonucleotides averages 4 mg per day, compared to 2 g per day of naturally occurring purines.

According to the information

When Amitabh Bachhan was operated in hospital for 10 long hours !
Doctor had to cut and remove large intestine !! and doctor had told him that it has rotten due to drinking of soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi ! And then he stopped advertising coke pepsi !

Amitabh Bachhan never endorsed coca cola (coke) he only endorsed Pepsi and according to him.. He only stopped endorsing the brand when a little girl told him her teacher called Pepsi POISON…

But the truth is that Pepsi, Coca Cola and other surgary drinks are very deadly, Guard your intake the same way you guard your life.

The claim that Amitabh Bachhan intestine was severely damaged due to the drinks was made by Rajiv Dixit.. But how true is it??

According to the information

media never informed us that Life bouy is neither bath soap nor toilet soap !
But it’s a Cabolic soap used for bathing animals !
Europe uses Life bouy for Dogs ! And in our country millions of humans use it !!

Now let me clear this up… Lifebuoy was originally, a carbolic soap containing phenol. The soaps manufactured today under the Lifebuoy brand do not contain phenol. So it is no longer a carbolic soap which the information above is pointing to.

Kindly share to your family and friends to spread awareness.


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10 Unexpected Facts About North Korea That We Had No Idea About

The world is changing into more and more occupied with North Korea and its manner of life. The communist nation is isolated but has some impressive firepower, which they demonstrate through constant missile tests. It’s unclear what the leader Kim Jong Un will do next, or how other countries might respond. During its seven-decade existence, North Korea has been ruled by three generations of the same family, all brutal dictators. Kim Jong Un, 33, grandson of Kim Il Sung, came to power in 2011, following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il. Here are 10 unexpected facts about North Korea that you might have never heard of.

1. According to North Korea, Korea is a single country.
If you take a look at the world map, you can clearly see North Korea and South Korea on it. However, North Koreans don’t consider that as the truth. They believe that there is only one Korea, where the map shows a united country with the capital of Pyongyang. The same image is printed in school books.

2. North Korea created its own time zone: Pyongyang Time.
North Korea has switched to a new time zone by putting its clocks back by half an hour. The occasion was marked by bells which rang out in the capital Pyongyang at midnight on Friday as the new time zone came into effect. Kim Jong-un announced the change on August 15, 2015. Currently, North Korea is nine hours ahead of GMT and in the same time zone as neighbouring South Korea and Japan. The change is hailed by the country as a victory over the US and South Korea.

3. Kim Jong Un ordered all male citizens to copy his haircut.
Kim Jong Un issued an order requiring men to keep their hair no longer than 2 centimeters and requiring women to keep their hair at a bob length. The men were told to model their hairstyle on Kim Jong Un, whose haircut is known as “ambitious” in North Korea (and terrible everywhere else). Women were advised to copy his wife.

4. North Koreans believe that all Americans have big noses.
According to the propaganda posters in the Pyongyang War Museum, all Americans have big noses, huge eyes, and hairy chests. Many defectors explain that hate towards America is taught as a part of school PE classes. To depict an image of their belief, cardboard mannequins are made to look like people in the US military uniforms, with giant noses and wide-open blue eyes.

5. North Korea is about the size of Pennsylvania.
While Pennsylvania is 46,054 square miles, or 119,279 square kilometers, North Korea is 120,538 square kilometers. United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, about 82 times bigger than North Korea. Meanwhile, the population of North Korea is ~25 million people (299 million more people live in United States). However, less than 20% of the land is arable in North Korea. That’s about the size of New Hampshire’s land area.

6. North Korea has no taxes.

Officially, North Korea is one of the few countries in the world that exempts its citizen from taxes. As part of the “old world”, taxation was abolished. The date of 1 April is the North Korean “Tax Abolition Day”. Although, any organization or person who makes money outside the country has to pay taxes. Many sources suggest that Kim Jong Un is planning to reintroduce taxes within the country in the near future.

7. North Korea says it has a 100% literacy rate.

The CIA World Factbook defines literate people as those ages 15 and over who can read and write. However, North Korea has self-reported its literacy rate as 100% for both men and women.

8. Watching foreign movies is illegal in North Korea, but some do it anyway.

Kim Jong Un prohibits North Korean’s from watching any foreign movie. In 2013, eighty people were executed by firing squad in North Korea for watching foreign films, it has been claimed. South Korea’s JoongAng Ilbo newspaper reported that the co-ordinated public executions took place in seven separate cities where local authorities rounded up 10,000 people, including children and forced them to watch the executions. Those put to death were found guilty by the state of minor misdemeanors, including watching videos of South Korean television programmes or possessing a Bible.

9. There is a propaganda village at the border with South Korea.
From the outside, the North Korean village of Kijong-dong looks like any other town, brightly painted houses, schools, daycare, even a hospital. But on closer inspection, all is not as it seems. The buildings are actually concrete shells with no glass in their windows, electric lights operate on an automatic timer and the only people in sight are maintenance workers who sweep the streets to give the impression of activity.
Named Peace Village by North Korea, it has been used by the government as a battleground for supremacy between the two powers. The village is surrounded by extensive cultivated fields, with the North Korean government officially claiming it is a collective farm for its residents.

10. North Korea has a mandatory military service program for both men and women.
It is considered an honor to serve your country. North Korea has an obligatory military service that all men and women have to take part in. Men over the age of 18 must serve a 10-year term in the army. Until 2013, the term was 13 years which was changed by their leader Kim Jong Un. In 2015, the law came into effect for graduating women, who must serve until the age of 23. The country has an active military personnel of about 1 million people (4th in the world).

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Cats Pass Out After Eating Their Owner’s Marijuana Plants In US (Video)

These two cats may have bitten off more than they can chew after they munched their way through cannabis plants.

The woman, who appears to be the owner of the property, walks into the room where a number of her plants have been pushed over, leaving a trail of soil on the floor.

As she films the destruction around her, the woman can be heard complaining about the mess she has been greeted with.

The trail of destruction left by the cats can be seen (left) and Gizmo the cat appears very relaxed lying in the soil (right)

She explains that she had heard a noise from inside the house. As she films the mess, she pans the camera to one of her cats lying under a chair and says: ‘But then we find this guy under here.’

Her cat Gizmo is filmed lounging under one of the chairs with its paws up, appearing in a daze. The woman asks if Gizmo had eaten her plants, and then lets out a tired meow in reply.

Not to be outdone, another cat on the other side of the chair is filmed as it lounges on its back and lets out a groggy meow of its own.

The incident happened earlier this year on June 11 in Gilbertville, Massachusetts.

The owner of the plants said: ‘My grow lights had broken and I moved my plants onto the porch for about 15-20 minutes.

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Abnormal and Strange Things That Used To Be Normal In The Past

If you think people nowadays do unusual things, you should check out these comparatively recent history. You’ll see that our ancestors used to do even weirder things. But their actions were actually legal.
Below are a compilation of scary things that were permissible in the past.


100 years ago, people didn’t treat this substance as harmful. On the contrary, it was available in drugstores and sold without a prescription to heal coughs and toothache. Cocaine was also recommended as a sedative for kids. And, as with other pharmaceutical drugs, cocaine was widely advertised.


It sounds like a joke, but at the beginning of the 20th century, Americans had the opportunity to send their kids through the mail absolutely lawfully. It cost around 15 cents if their kid weighed no more than a standard parcel. Such “solicitous” parents probably wanted to save some money by sending their kids to relatives.


In the 1930s, such wire cages were very common among British families. With the help of these dangerous constructions, kids could breathe fresh air while their mothers were busy with household duties. It’s unbelievable, but these cages were considered safe. What were parents of that time thinking about?


Rich people often have weird whims. But in the past, their obsessions made people suffer. In the 18th century, it was popular to have a personal hermit who lived in your garden. A hermit wasn’t allowed to wash or cut their nails and hair. They lived in a handmade grotto. Owners always showed off in front of visitors and were proud of their “live decorations.”


Human zoos aimed to show people from Asia and Africa as “proof” of Darwin’s theory. Such shameful entertainment existed for many years. In the picture, you can see a Belgian human zoo in 1958.


Patients of psychiatric hospitals were treated awfully in the past: staff rarely fed people, though relatives paid for patients’ accommodation. But it wasn’t enough for asylum owners. They created a small business: willing visitors could pay a certain sum of money to have a look at the poor people and even poke them with a stick.

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Diego Perotti Puts His Finger In El Sharaawy’s Ass After Goal Vs Chelsea

It’s easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment, but it’s hard to explain exactly why Diego Perotti decided to act the way he did after Roma went 2-0 up against Chelsea. As Stephan El Shaarawy capitalised on an Antonio Rudiger mistake to grab his second goal of the game, Perotti rushed over to celebrate with the Egyptian and the rest of his Roma team-mates.

What followed next was truly and utterly bizarre.

For no apparent reason, the Argentine began to rub El Shaarrawy’s bottom and appeared to stick his finger up the winger’s bum hole. We don’t know why, we’re not sure we want to know why, but it happened, okay?

El Shaarawy did seem to take it in good spirits and smiled at his team-mate so presumably there’s some sort of inside joke going on (insert gag about the joke being *inside* Shaarawy’s bum cheeks).

For Chelsea, it was a tough first half at the Stadio Olimpico, with El Shaarawy banging in a rocked from the edge of the area inside the first minute to hand the Serie A side the lead, before doubling Roma’s advantage nine minutes before half-time.

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