35 Strange Facts About Africa- 6 to 9 are strange enough

1. The Gambia has only one university.
2. Equatorial Guinea is Africa’s only spanish speaking country.
3. South Africa is the most visited African country.
4. Nigeria has the richest Black people in Africa.
5. Samuel Eto’o is the highest paid Footballer of all time, he received about £350,000 weekly in Russia in 2011.
6. A person from Botswana is called a Motswana, the plural is Batswana.
7. A person from Lesotho is called a Mosotho.
8. A person from Niger is called a Nigerien.
8. A person from Burkina Faso is called a Burkinabe.
9. Nigeria has won more football cups than England.
10. Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the world’s most educated President with 7 degrees, two of them are Masters.
11. Al-Ahly of Egypt is the richest club in Africa.
12. Didier Drogba is Chelsea’s highest goalscorer in European competition.
13. Johannesburg, South Africa is the most visited city in Africa.
14. Zinedine Zidane wanted to play for Àlgeria, but the selector rejected him, saying they are already many players like him in the team.
15. President Jacob Zuma was given a special award by Fifa for refereeing on Robben Island during his years as a political prisoner.
16. President Robert Mugabe was jailed for 11 years for fighting for freedom.
17. President Robert Mugabe is Africa’s oldest Head of State and the world’s second oldest Head of State. He was born in 1924.
18. The Seychelles are the most educated Africans. Seychelles’ literacy rates (Adult: 92%, Youth: 99%) Zimbabwe is 2nd (Adult:
91.2%,Youth: 99%).
19. Rwanda is a better country for gender equality than England and USA.
20. Somalia got its first ATM on October 7, 2014.
21. South Africa has the most Grammy award winners in Africa.
22. Ethiopia has the most airports in Africa.
23. Ethiopia’s economy is growing faster than China’s.
24. Eritrea’s President, Isaias Afwerki is the least richest President in Africa.
25. Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest independent country, it has existed for over 3,000 years without being colonised.
26. Haile Selassie 1 was the 225th and last Emperor of Ethiopia.
27. Nigeria has the most monarchs in the world.
28. Angola has more Portuguese speakers than Portugal.
29. President Jose Eduardo Dos Santos has ruled Angola since 1979.
30. President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is Africa’s longest serving Head of State. He has ruled Equatorial Guinea since August 3, 1979 when he overthrew his uncle, Francisco Nguema. His son, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue is his Vice President and will succeed him if he resigns.
31. George Weah of Liberia is the first man to win World, European and African footballer of the year in the same year.
32. Swaziland is the only remaining absolute mornach in the world.
33. The Gambia is the smallest country in Africa followed by Swaziland.
34. King Sobhuza ll of Swaziland took the longest time in reigning Swaziland, 62 years as he was crowned in 1921 and died in August 1982 at the age of 83 years.
34.1. King Sobhuza II of swaziland, married 70 wives, who gave him 210 children between 1920 and 1970.
35. Zimbabwe is the only country in the world were almost everyone was a billionaire at one point

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The Real Reason Why You Put Your Phone On Airplane “flight” Mode In the Plane

Everyone knows the drill, the minute you’re on board, you make sure your phone is on airplane mode. Because, if not, the pilot cannot contact the control tower. Or, because the plane will blow up mid-flight. Or something like that.

But now one pilot is debunking all those myths and paranoias. And there’s a really simple reason behind it: it gives the pilot a headache. Yes, apparently if you do not turn your phone to airplane mode, the sound can be picked up in the cockpit and can be irritating to the pilots’ ears.

An anonymous pilot told the question and answer site Quora: “Your phone will probably annoy a few pilots and air traffic controllers. But, most likely, not badly enough for them to take action against you…

“You may have heard that unpleasant noise from an audio system, that occasionally happens when a mobile phone is nearby.”
“I actually hear such noise on the radio while flying. It is not safety critical, but is annoying for sure.”

However, he continues by saying that if 50 people on the plane did not turn their phone onto airplane mode, it would cause a lot of “radio pollution”.

So next time you’re near a radio, put your phone down beside it and you’ll hear what he means.

C; sagetravels

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Young Boy Sneaks Into His Teacher’s Room In Enugu To Demand For Sex.(Video)

A secondary school student was shamed and humiliated after sneaking into his teachers room – requesting to have sex with her. In a trending footage posted online, the woman can be heard speaking in Igbo dialect, blasting the boy for having the mind to knock on her door to demand for sex…

The young boy who was very ashamed began to cry as he begged for forgiveness.

It was also alleged by the female teacher that the young boy has been sleeping with youth corpers in the school.


Watch video

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Signs That You Are Aging Too Fast

If you exhibit any of these signs it definitely means you are aging too fast.

Warning Sign 1: Cotton Mouth

Cotton mouth in the morning may be a sign of sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. To figure out if you have it, determine your “snore score” by answering the following questions. For every “yes” answer, give yourself a point:
•Do you snore?
•Do you wake up groggy or with a headache?
•Do you feel constantly tired or fatigued during the day?
•Do you fall asleep reading, watching TV, or driving?
•Do you have problems with memory or concentration?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you’re at risk for sleep apnea and you should see your doctor. In the mean time, be sure to sleep on your side! Sleeping on your back can cause your tongue and soft palate to rest against the back of your throat and block your airway. Taping a tennis ball under your back or placing a pillow between your legs can be helpful way to ensure a safer night’s sleep by ensuring you stay on your side the entire night.

Warning Sign 2: Red Eyes

Inflamed eyes could be a sign of arthritis – the painful inflammation and stiffening of joints. The same cellular process that causes inflammation in your joints can cause inflammation in your eyes, turning them red.

Studies have shown that the sooner you treat arthritis, the better the long-term results, so visit your doctor at the first sign of trouble. To help stave off or relieve arthritis, try taking feverfew, a plant with a long history of use in traditional and folk medicine. Available at health food stores, feverfew has great anti-inflammatory properties; take 1 to 2 capsules per day.

Warning Sign 3: Graying Skin

If your skin doesn’t seem to “glow” in the way it used to, it may be a red flag for kidney problems. Ordinarily, your kidneys filter wastes and excess fluids from your blood, which are then excreted in your urine. When chronic kidney failure reaches an advanced stage, dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes, and wastes can accumulate in your body. The “good news” is that kidney problems can cause anemia, which will lead to a gray-skin warning sign. If you notice your skin looking duller than usual, be sure to check in with your doctor.

Warning Sign 4: Loss of Smell

Losing your sense of smell may be an early warning sign of Parkinson’s disease. The degenerative nerve disorder usually starts slowly and worsens over time, leading with muscle tremors to slowness of voluntary movements, muscle stiffness, imbalance, changes in speech, and dementia.

Catch this debilitating disease early by testing your sense of smell. Start by holding an open rubbing-alcohol swab by your belly button and slowly raising it to your nose. If you can smell the swab 8 to 12 inches away from your nose, your sense of smell is normal. But if you only start to smell it 4 inches away, it indicates a loss of smell.

There are other reasons your sense of smell may be lacking, and alpha-lipoic acid may be able to help in some of those cases. Made naturally in the body and available from food sources like spinach, broccoli, and yeast, alpha lipoic acid has been used for decades in Europe to treat nerve conditions. Try taking just 600 mg daily; available in health food stores.

Loss of smell could also be a sign of Alzheimer’s. Take the Alzheimer’s smell test.

Warning Sign 5: Hairless Feet or Toes

While our culture encourages women to get rid of every last hair not on their head, hairless feet or toes are actually a red flag for vascular disease, which can lead to strokes and heart attacks!

Ordinarily, of course, your legs have hair. Beneath the skin, hair follicles are kept alive by the blood flowing through your veins and arteries. When you gain weight, over time, your cholesterol level rises and plaque builds up in arteries, clogging them up and cutting off blood flow. As a result, all the little blood vessels under the skin die.
Credits ;nairaland.

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This Hilarious Video Of Don Jazzy Dancing In The Studio Will Make You Laugh Hard

Nigerian music super-producer and Mavin records Boss, Don Jazzy is one social media celebrity that the fans love to love. He took to social media to share a video of him showing off his hilarious dance moves while in his studio.

Watch it below and share your thoughts:


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12 Amazing Facts That Are Unbelievably True

1. A strawberry isn’t a berry but a banana is.

2. Honey never spoils. A 3,000 year old honey is still consumable.

3. Everyone has a different tongue print just like the fingerprint.

4. The sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” uses every letter of the alphabet!

5. The human bones is about 5 times stronger than steel.

6. Crocodiles cannot move their tongues.

7. The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head.

8. A cockroach will live for weeks without its head before it starves to death

9. Billy goats urinate on their own heads to smell more attractive to females.

10. Holding in a sneeze can kill you.

11. The bird in twitter logo has a name – Larry

12. The unluckiest type of phobia is the Panphopia: The fear of everything

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Waitress Inserts A Customer’s Sausage In Her Vagina Before Serving Him (Video)

This has got to be one of the craziest videos I’ve seen in a while. A waitress is California was caught on camera doing something disgusting to a customer’s sausage. She robbed on her vagina, inserted it inside and then put it back in the plate to serve the customer. You really have to see the video to believe it.

Thankfully, she was caught & is currently under criminal investigation. See the disgusting video below;


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