STRANGEST Holes on Earth

23 Nov

10. The Darvaze Gas Crater. In
Turkmenistan is the burning, stinking,
sulphurous crater known as the Gate to
Hell. In 1971 Soviet engineers were
drilling the area known to hold one of the
largest deposits of natural gas.
9. The Well Of Chand Baori. Legend has it
that this 13 story water well was carved
out of the rock by spirits in a single night,
and dedicated to the Hindu goddess of
happiness. There are 3500 perfectly
symmetrical steps leading to the bottom,
which is about 10 degrees cooler than at
the surface.
8. The KTB Superdeep Borehole. Starting in 1982,
the German Ministry of Research began a
scientific exploration drilling program,
deep into the earth’s crust, that would
last more than 12 years and cost more
than a third of a billion dollars, their most
expensive geo-science project ever.
7. The Guatamala City Sinkhole.
In 2010, a massive hole suddenly opened
up in the middle of the city and
swallowed a three story factory house,
along with fifteen people inside. The
cause was attributed to Tropical Storm
Agatha, which impacted Guatamala just
three days after the eruption of Volcano
6. Siberian Craters. Yet
another new geological phenomenon was
discovered in 2014 when a reindeer
herder discovered a two hundred foot
crater in a remote area known as The End
Of The World.
5. Indiana Dunes
National Park. An amazing new geological
phenomenon was only discovered in the
last few years, when shifting sands have
suddenly opened up massive sinkholes
beneath travelers’ feet.
4.Monticello Dam Hole – This Majestic
spillhole, also known as the “glory hole” is
part of the Monticello Dam in Napa
County, California. This hole is the largest
spillhole in the world and leads down a
304 foot or 93 m tall hole which drains
out out of the bottom of the dam.
3. Devil’s Sinkhole. This Texan
National Natural Landmark is an
enormous vertical cavern 50 feet wide
and 350 feet deep. Historically it’s been
used as a place of shelter by early
American settlers and countless
generations of Native Americans.
2. Derinkuyu. In central Turkey, a man
was renovating his traditional home when
he discovered a hidden room with a
covered hole in the wall. Investigation
revealed that the opening led into a
massive man-made cave system that had
been carved out of the rock over three
thousand years ago, to form an
underground city.
1. The Oak Island Money Pit. In 1795 witnesses thought they saw pirates burying treasure
on a small coastal island in Nova Scotia.
So they started digging, and digging… and
digging… to over 130 feet deep, with
tantalizing clues revealed every ten feet
or so, some promising a treasure worth
hundreds of millions or perhaps much
much more.

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